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Meet Dr. Adrian Parton MBE

I took my first venture into the hotel industry in 2013, by purchasing Ivy House Country Hotel in Oulton Broad.

As a biochemist and molecular virologst, it was quite a departure from what I was used to, but I consider myself very fortunate to have taken on such a business nestled in a picturesque part of the Broads.
It feels only right that I provide some background about myself.

 Dr. Adrian Parton

Dr. Adrian Parton MBE

Chairman and Proprietor
Ivy House County Hotel

I was lucky enough to have been awarded an MBE in 2011 for services to microbiology. I invented a water filter that enables rapid detection of a fatal parasite, and detection of pathogens like salmonella in food.

So you may wonder how I came to buy a hotel when clearly my expertise lie in quite a different area.
But let me tell you it required an attention to detail synonymous with any scientific profession,
My focus is on family and my cousin Keith Parton always spoke of the benefits of being involved in the industry.

He’s a chef, having trained under Marco Pierre White, and has recently taken on the running of the hotel’s kitchen as head chef.
Together we looked at several properties, but it was one particular shot of the thatched barn that intrigued me.

In addition to buying the hotel I’ve invested £1.7m in improvements, the biggest single investment I’ve made in any business and we built Eve’s Bar in just seven weeks, using local tradesmen.
It gave us a huge boost and its become a relaxed space with modern character features that compliment the barn.

We have tried hard to provide a venue that people can be proud of, meaning they don’t have to travel far for great food, weddings, entertainment and of course the excellent wildlife.

And we are lucky that local businesses choose us as their preferred venue to hold events.
My work is basically about inventing things that impact on peoples lives and I hope we have re-invented Ivy House Country Hotel in a positive way.

I look forward to sharing aspects of my work in the coming months.